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The Application Scope of Gear Shaving Cutter

The shaving cutter is a finishing tool for spur and helical involute cylindrical gears. When shaving teeth, the cutting edge of the shaving cutter shaves a thin layer of metal along the tooth surface of the workpiece, which can effectively improve the precision and tooth surface quality of the shaved gear; and the processing efficiency is high, the tool life is long, and it is batch and mass production. One of the most widely used machining tools for medium-precision cylindrical gears.

There are many narrow grooves forming cutting edges on the tooth surface, and the gear-shaped gear processing tool is used to process the workpiece according to the principle of helical gear meshing. During processing, the cutter cuts off whisker-like fine chips from the tooth surface of the gear, so it is called a shaving cutter. Gear shaving cutters are used for finishing gear teeth after hobbing and shaping (see gear machining). The commonly used disc shaving cutter is like a hardened helical cylindrical gear (Figure 1). Slot, the cross section of the slot can be rectangular or trapezoidal. This kind of shaving cutter is blunt and only the front (slot) is sharpened, and the tooth shape and outer diameter do not change. Since the through slot cannot be made too deep, only the It is suitable for shaving knives with a module less than 1.75 mm; the other is that the grooves on both sides are blocked, and they are inserted with comb-shaped inserts. Drill slanted holes. This razor needs to be reground tooth shape and tooth top cylindrical surface after blunt use. Razor

In order to reduce the cutting load of each tooth, the number of teeth of the shaving cutter is large, and the prime number is generally taken to avoid a common factor with the number of teeth of the gear to be cut, otherwise the error of the shaving cutter will be copied to the gear to be processed. According to the international standard, the precision of the razor has three types: AA, A and B. In actual production, the gear tooth shape shaved with the correct involute tooth shape shaving cutter often deviates from the correct involute near the pitch circle of the gear, and is recessed inward, with a deviation of about 0.01 to 0.03 mm. The tooth profile deviation of spur gears is larger than that of helical gears. In order to make the workpiece get the correct involute tooth shape, the tooth shape of the shaving cutter should be corrected. In mass production, the tooth shape correction curve of the shaving cutter is determined by the method of experiment.

The shaving cutter can process the inner and outer cylindrical gears of straight and helical teeth, with high production efficiency and smooth surface. In addition, there are worm gear shaving cutters for machining precision worm gears. The type and parameters of the basic worm should be the same as the working worm that matches the worm gear. Like gear shaving cutters, it has many narrow grooves on the helical surface to form cutting edges and accommodate chips. Worm gear shaving cutters are difficult to manufacture and are only used when machining worm gears that require high precision.

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