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HZC Tools

Gear Cutter Manufacturer

Chongqing HZC Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing precise and complex gear cutting tools for the automative, aerospace, intelligentize, instrumentation, electric power tools and other industries.

HZC Exhbition

At Hong Kong Exhibition

We attended Hong Kong Machinery Exihibition in 2021. Have you come by our booth at the time?

HZC Exhbition

At Canton Fair

Every year we attend Canton Fair. If you go there too, you can meet us face to face in the next exhibition in 2022.


Gear Cutter Manufacturer

Gear Hob Cutter

0.1~4.5 module medium and small module, the cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowl type.

Gear Shaper Cutter

Various modules segment involute, triangle spline, rectange spline, sprocket, belt wheel gear shaper cutter.

Gear Skiving Cutter

Used for machinning the outer circle, root circle, pitch, tooth thicnkness and all kinds of special-shaped outer gears.

Gear Shaving Cutter

Mainly divided into axial gear shaving cutter, radial gear shaving cutter, used to improve precision of gears.

Standard Gear Cutter

Mainly used for the detection of involute gear, and the precision is mainly national standard leve 4 and level 5.

Hob Cutter With Handle

The cutting tool type are mainly lever type and small bowl type gear.

HZC Tools Manufacturing

Gear Cutter Manufacturer

As a professional OEM & ODM manufacturer, we have many world-known business partners.


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Well-trained QC


Factory Lines

Clients Testimonials

eden clay

HZC Tools comes at a time when our company is developing a new line of inverter generator. We have no experience and can only count on your advice. You never let me down.

Eben Clay

Lesley Leonard

We have been cooperating with HZC Tools since our first meeting at Hong Kong fair. Your professionalism gives me deep impression, and your prices are astonishingly competitive.

Lesley Leonard

Purchasing Department
sean yates

Our branded gear cutters are built on the reliable customization capacity of HZC Tools. If you are searching for an OEM & ODM manufacturer, look no further.

Sean Yates

Owner & CEO
Our Advantages

Reasons Why We Are So Pupular In Gear Cutter Manufacturing?

  • Sufficient Workforce

    At our workshop, there are more than 700 senior skilled workers and a well trained QC team of over 50 people.

  • Strong Production

    With 8 production lines, 40 units of injection machines, 40 units of silk printing machines, and other tooling machines including CNC and sparks cutting, we can reach a monthly production capacity of 1000000+ pcs.

  • Competitive OEM & ODM

    Since 2010, HZC Tools has been providing OEM & ODM services for customers from all over the world. Besides our rich experience, we always aim to offer good prices.

Latest News & Blog

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High Quality

Gear Cutter

HZC Tools' large factory consists of several advanced production lines and a workforce nearing a thousand skilled workers.

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